The Cayman Islands Laws

This is a useful but non-exhaustive list of the Cayman Islands laws

  • Banks & Trust Companies Law *
  • Building Societies Law *
  • Companies Laws
  • ompanies Management Law *
  • Co-operation Societies Law
  • Development Bank Law*
  • Confidential Relationships (Preservation) Law
  • Exempted Limited Partnerships Law
  • Fraudulent Dispositions Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Insurance Law *
  • Local Companies (Control) Law
  • Maritime Authority Law
  • Monetary Authority Law*
  • Money Services Law*
  • Mutual Fund Law*
  • Partnership Law
  • Perpetuities Amendment Law
  • Perpetuities Law
  • Proceeds of Criminal Conduct Law *
  • Registration of Merchant Ships Law
  • Securities Investment Business Law*
  • Segregated Portfolio Company Law
  • Special Trust (Alternative Regime) Law
  • Stamp Duty Law
  • Trade and Business Licensing Law
  • Trust (Foreign Element) Law
  • Trust Law


*These laws may be viewed on the Cayman Islands Monetory Authority (CIMA) website

The Legislative Department of the Cayman Islands provides support, administration and research services for the Legislative Assembly, the Speaker of the House, Ministers and Members of the Legislature, the Cayman Islands Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the general public.

The Department produces and prints the Hansard Reports and all laws and regulations enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands.

Copies of the laws and regulations can be obtained from the Legislative Department at minimal cost.