The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

The Cayman Stock Exchange ("CSX") was first opened in 1997 and was subsequently admitted to the London Stock Exchange's list of approved organizations. It specializes in the listing of hedge funds, mutual funds, structured debt securities, depository receipts, preferred shares, derivative warrants, Eurobonds, Islamic products and international equity. CSX also includes a facility for domestic companies to list and trade if they satisfy local requirements. CSX includes a secondary listing facility for companies trading on another regional exchange.

One of the advantages to listing with CSX is that UK HMRC recognized status under which UK residents can receive interest and dividend payments tax free.

CSX has partnered Bloomberg Financial Markets to provide global financial information arising out of which is a fully electronic listing and trading service as well as a dedicated news wire service. Trading is order driven, displaying a buying and selling price throughout the day.

At the current time there are in excess of 1450 listings with a market capitalization in excess of $123 billion.

The CSX is a private limited company owned by the Cayman Islands Government and operating as an independent entity. More information on the CSX can be found at .   The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange